Why wineries work with Pairing

Pacific Northwest wineries and winemakers work with Pairing to help their brands gain international exposure. On their own, many wineries find it difficult to find clients or representation in the international marketplace. Some of the common challenges are lack of brand recognition overseas, clients not purchasing large enough quantities of wine to make shipments cost-effective and lack of knowledge on how to distribute wines into foreign markets. Many wineries also prefer not to deal with the strict regulations and logistics involved with international transactions. Pairing takes care of this headache and handles all of the intricacies of shipping wine overseas. Wineries enjoy working with a local company based in Oregon and trust Pairing to safely get their wines delivered internationally. 

Pairing has established great relationships with many local wineries and winemakers in the Pacific Northwest. While Pairing works with many wineries that already export their wine, we are also excited to find and facilitate first-time export opportunities. If you are looking to get international exposure for your wines, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help make this happen.

Why importers work with Pairing

Importers from outside of the United States chose to work with Pairing to diversify their portfolio and include wines that are not commonly available in their area. Pairing handles all the logistical details of exporting wine. Once an order is placed, we will purchase, properly package, and palletize the wine shipment to ensure safe delivery to its final destination. Wine is fully insured against "all risk" of physical loss or damage. The minimum order is one pallet which may be comprised of wine from just one winery or from cases from multiple wineries. Clients may export multiple pallets or a full shipping container of wine. Pairing is happy to include wines from various wineries and palletize them together. This gives clients the flexibility to include more wineries and varietals in their portfolio and sets Pairing apart from other exporters. Wine importers can chose wines from very small production wineries (400 cases) to larger production wineries (80,000+ cases). Different varietals of wine are available from wineries all across Oregon and Washington and are sure to please all palates.

Who works with Pairing

Pairing works with importers, wine shops, restaurants, private clients with import licenses and local pacific northwest wineries and winemakers.